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Front Model "A" FORD SPRING
This application is for all standard bodied Model A Fords.
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A & T Motor-RollersTM
4-cylinder "A","B" and "T" engines

10 Leaf Front Spring
Fits all standard bodied Model A Fords (A-5310-A)

7 Leaf Rear Spring
For Models: 40-A & B (Roadsters Only) (A-5560-C)

8 Leaf Rear
For Models: 35-A/B, 180-A, 45-A/B, 50-A/B, 68-A/B/C, 190-A, 400-A (A-5560-B)

10 Leaf Rear Spring
For Models: 55-A/B,295/A,140,155-A/B/C/D,165-A/B/C/D, 170-A/B,160-A/B/C,130-B,255-A,60-A/B/C

Speciality Springs
Front and Rear

10 Leaf Rear Spring Heavy Duty
Special Delivery trucks ONLY and Heavy Duty Use ( A-5560-E )

14 Leaf AA Front
30-31 AA Large Trucks, Plate width 2-1/4" ( AA-5310-D )

- Main Leaf REAR Replacement for ROADSTER

- Main Leaf Replacement for ALL 8 & 10 Leaf REAR Springs

- 10 Leaf FRONT Spring w/Reversed Eye Main Plate
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