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These reproduction Model "A" springs are made using SAE 5160 raw steel flats that are specially blended during the steel forging process to exacting SAE guidelines. These guidelines are repeatedly used to produce a raw material specifically designed for leaf spring application. This raw material is then hand formed under exacting quality guidelines during the spring manufacturing process. Original pattern shapes are used to faithfully reproduce springs that have not been in production for over 80 years.

During the final assembly process each individual leaf of the spring is hand-fitted to ensure a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing leaf spring. These reproduction leaf springs benefit from modern technology in the spring making process, fit and function in field service the same, if not better, than the original versions. The manufacturer of our reproduction springs has been in the leaf spring and suspension parts business, in the same location, for over 80 years as well.

Our staff at "A-Springs" are very aware of the detail on all of our Model A springs being manufactured. Good quality springs are hard to find, search no longer. We have quality springs for both front and rear at reasonable prices.

We at "A-Springs" take pride in what we sell to you as a customer. You, as our customer will take pride in using our product in your valued restoration.

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